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So, you’ve decided to sell your home. For most homeowners, this is about the time they begin the process of listing with a licensed real estate agent. For a select few, they prefer the road less traveled and will decide to list their home “for sale by owner.”

Why would anyone want to handle selling a home themselves? Well, it usually has a lot to do with saving money on the typical real estate agent commission. Listing your home for sale by owner isn’t a task to take on lightly, so we’re sharing a handful of things you should carefully consider before going it alone.


It may not be so easy.
Traditional real estate agents do take a small percentage of the total sale price of your home at closing. But you get what you pay for.

This expense

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You’re probably all too familiar with the scenario: You go shopping and come home with bags full of gorgeous produce and other fresh ingredients. You have hopes of eating healthy, homemade meals throughout the week. But by the time the next weekend rolls around, you have to toss out fresh food that has spoiled and start the process all over again. Throwing away food is disheartening (even if you compost it), because it represents a waste of the money you spent on it — as well as the work of the farmer who grew it and brought it to market. To stop this cycle, here are nine ways to organize your kitchen and rethink your routines to minimize food waste and start using up all of the beautiful, healthy foods you bring home.


1. Keep a menu plan and

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Purchasing a new home can be an overwhelming process but there is always an element of added stress if you know your credit score isn’t quite up to par. Just a few points can mean the difference between getting the financing you need for your dream home… or not.

We’ll explain exactly what you need to do to understand and improve your score so you aren’t going into a house hunt with the big credit score question mark. How are scores calculated? And what can you do to improve yours so you’ll always be an easy client for lenders?


Review Your Report

The first step is to take a deep breath and pull your credit report. It might be scary, but go through the entire report to be sure there are no errors or inconsistencies. Any payments made on time

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Despite the sharp increases in home prices recently in the Treasure Valley, interest rates have remained grounded, keeping homes affordable and perhaps stabilizing the market. However, these low rates are not here to stay and for those wondering “When is the right time to buy?” I would argue that the time is now.

Many buyers underestimate the benefits a good home loan interest rate can provide them. For example, on a $200,000 loan, an increase in just one percentage point from 3.75 to 4.75 means paying over $100 more per month and over $40,000 more in interest over the life of the loan. Compared to 1 year ago, mortgage rates are already .375%-.625% higher nationally. 

Also, when the economy is slow and the stock market down, investors tend to

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While we all love the shiny newness that comes with neighborhoods popping up around Boise, we can appreciate the charm that comes from our community’s past. Do you know the history behind your favorite Boise landmarks?

We’re here to fill you in on the history behind the buildings you pass by every day, and will probably slow down to appreciate next time you’re driving past one of these historic hot spots.


Boise Union Pacific Railroad Depot
Year Built: 1925
Location: 2603 Eastover Terrace

After years of Boise struggling to gain a direct rail service of their own, the town celebrated with the introduction of the stub line connecting Boise and Nampa built by the Idaho Central Railway in 1887. In 1925, a main line was finally built by the Union

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Feeling tired and overcommitted? It’s possible that a few new habits and changes around your house can help you fix that. Is there an idea in here you’d like to try?       1. Create inviting rest zones. Despite all the research proving that an afternoon nap is good for you, it’s still not seen as acceptable unless you work for yourself or have a progressive employer.

That’s a shame, because the benefits of catnaps are many. Humans are uncommon among animals in the way we tend to sleep in one big chunk. We can learn a lot from our cat and dog friends, who can be seen tearing through the house like wild beasts one minute and flat-out sleeping the next. Research shows that a quick afternoon nap at the right time can really help us…
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Have you ever thought about buying a rental property? It may be that you’ve always assumed it would be stressful or risky, and wondered what the buzz is all about. Well, not only is it a safe way to invest your money in a market that is less volatile than stocks, but you can also generate a passive income for some extra cash, to pay for your kid’s college or to supplement your retirement.

If you’re smart about the property you purchase and the tenants you take on, the process can be seamless and profitable. Also, if you factor a property management fee into your budget, you don’t even have to handle the time-consuming logistics. A property manager can take on all your day-to-day duties and tenant interactions while you collect rental income. Sounds

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You’ve found the perfect new home to call your own, and now you need a mortgage to purchase it. But how does the process start, and how can you be sure you’re getting the best rates? Will the outcome be different if you use a mortgage broker or go directly to the bank to get your home loan?

You might also be wondering what exactly mortgage brokers do and how what they do differs from a loan officer at your local bank. Here are some answers to those important questions and reasons for using or not using a mortgage broker.


What does a Mortgage Broker Do?

A mortgage broker is essentially the middleman between you and potential lenders that would be issuing your home loan. Your broker can seek mortgage loans on your behalf with several

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When you’re trying to sell your home – quickly and for the highest amount possible - it’s crucial that potential buyers can imagine themselves living there. Part of appealing to buyers is presenting your home in a way that allows them to imagine it will all of their furnishings, beautiful and clean!

Staging is a process of decluttering a home, arranging furniture and enhancing curb appeal so that your home makes an excellent first impression. So, how do you stage your home to impress potential buyers?



Introducing Curb Appeal
There are a number of small home staging upgrades that can be made to create an eye-catching exterior on any budget. Before listing, make sure to spruce up your property by simply keeping the lawn well-manicured -

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With so many restaurant options it can be difficult to find the most noteworthy bits and bites in Boise. This city has developed a diverse culinary scene, with many places using locally sourced ingredients in their innovative approaches to cooking. You are sure to have fun eating your way through the countless bistros, pubs and restaurants where you’ll sample the many local flavors of the American northwest in Boise, Idaho. Here are just a few of our favorites, and if you haven’t given them a try, you should!


Chandlers Steakhouse -- Dinner
981 W Grove St

Are you looking for an upscale dining experience? The menu at Chandlers Steakhouse features sizzling steaks, delicious fresh seafood selections and many locally sourced ingredients, as well as

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